Zagreb, 5 March 2019



How do young people in Croatia spend their free time? Which values are important to them? What do they want to achieve and what do they fear the most in life? How much do they trust the Government and the European Union, and how much responsibility are they willing to take themselves? And most importantly: do they see their future abroad or in Croatia?

These are some of the questions to which young Croatians responded in a brand new empirical Youth Study Croatia 2018/2019 conducted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation: in a representative sample 1,500 young people aged 14 to 29 were asked about their attitudes, expectations, and anxieties. The study is the second youth study the Friedrich Ebert Foundation has conducted in Croatia (the first one was in 2012). It not only describes how youth in Croatia see their future, but also gives recommendations as to how the society at large should assist them and provide opportunities in Croatia. Interesting regional comparisons will be presented as the study is part of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation's international youth research project, which involves 11 simultaneous studies in Southeast Europe: ten national studies plus a regional study. We kindly invite you to the first presentation of the main findings of the Youth Study Croatia 2018/2019. 


Program of the presentation of main findings of the Youth Study Croatia 2018/2019 download here.


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