Building a Good Society towards a Social and Democratic Europe




It is clear that the suspension of real estate tax is merely a postponement of the same, and the discussion on the implications of a new tax on Croatian society and economy continues. Equality and social justice, the declared goals of social democracy, are at the same time the qualities of a good society. Numerous barriers and challenges lie on the road to achieving a good society these days, and the responsibility of social democrats both in Croatia and Europe is to offer socially just solutions.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation invites you to a conference that brings together experts, politicians, trade union leaders and civil society activists. Exchange of experience on the ways of building a more socially just and more democratically efficient Croatia and Europe presents the beginning of a road towards a good society. The current challenge is the real estate tax, and the experience of other EU members will also contribute to finding a solution with a social democratic emphasis.

The conference programme can be downloaded here.


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