Can the „End of History“ Save Croatia?

Like many other societies in Central and Southeastern Europe, Croatia has spent the last few decades in often fruitless, exhausting and vitriolic disagreements about what happened to us during the Second World War, during the Cold War and how all of it relates to Croatian independence. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Centre for Democracy and Law Miko Tripalo are organizing this conference prompted by public debates as well as the lack of expert dialogue.

Participants discussed proposals for the future, ways in which the past can be converted into usable heritage and its manipulations reduced. What has been done in other countries and could their experiences be useful to Croatian society in the fight against historical revisionism? Why are nonconstructive discussions about the past still flourishing in different segments of society after 25 years? How risky is it to open the archives in a society where science of the past is openly labelled as ideology? 


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