More just. More social. Less unequal. What Germans expect from Europe

Europe seems to be drifting apart economically and socially, as many feel that the EU fails to deliver on the promises of democracy, progress, and prosperity. Yet, a European Union that has a future means solidarity, rather than everyone competing against everyone else.

What is it exactly that Germans expect from Europe? To which extent do Germans agree to policies that lead to a more socially balanced EU? Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has surveyed eligible voters in Germany on their attitudes and expectations towards the EU and the results are presented in a study, which shows that there is a favourable, widespread agreement among the German public towards the EU. However, two out of three citizens voice their concerns for the need of reforms. In particular, Germans wish the EU was more focused on social policy.

The study can be accessed here in English: and in German here:  


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